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Welcome to PierRoll Ο.Ε.

The history and progress of PierRoll.


PIER ROLL was established in Katerini at 2000 as a personal business which it's main objective is the manufacture and marketing of aluminum shutters, as well as anti-mosquito systems.


At year 2003 a milestone, finds PIER-ROLL exporting it's products to countries of Balkan and eastern Europe.



Wide range of ready made polyurethane aluminum thin foils in RAL and wood imitation colors.


Wide range of boxes in various sizes for aluminium and synthetic roller shutters that are used to manufacture the most demanding applications.



The aluminium or synthetic roller shutters are applied to appartments, public buildings, houses, villas, Τα ρολά αλουμινίου ή συνθετικά έχουν εφαρμογή σε πολυκατοικίες, δημόσια κτίρια, μονοκατοικίες, βίλες, seaside residences etc.


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