The company pierroll is very responsible and consistent in the production of its products in compination with the immediate delivery, pierroll is considered from many one of the most serious and trustworthy aluminium roller shutter and anti-mosquito manufacturing companies in northern Greece and balkans.
This success is the result as much as from the administrative side as to the production sector.
Pierroll carefully selects to train efficient it’s staff and in combination to the production equipment, provides excellent quality shutter rollers and anti-mosquito products for the immediate distribution to the constructors.
The responsibility of the company does not end in the production sector but continuous after it since pierroll provides an organized technical support team and customer support.

raw materials storage

Our raw materials which are choosen to be used in the production of the rollers and the rest of our products are made of excellent materials and from approved suppliers who comply with regulations and quality controls.

The selection of the materials are made further analytic research from the administrative staff of pierroll, and must meet the demands of the administrations when it comes to quality and durability of the materials.

The manufacturing materials of the roller shutters and anti-masquito systems, are ordered in large quantities aiming the best possible price which results in the most favourable price for the customer.

finished products

In its facilities pierroll stores the finished products that are ready for delivery to the professionals of the industry.